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The Quest For RED GLORY


The defending champions of the William Jones Cup, the boys in red, are back! The 3D Canada team continues their journey, and their mission this year is the quest for red glory. 3D Global Sports' Canada men's team won the 2017 - 39th William Jones Cup, becoming the only Canadian team to do so since 1981. The William Jones Cup is one of the most traditional and historically celebrated basketball tournaments, attracting annually top players and national teams worldwide.

3D Global Sports' Canada men's team will be returning to defend their 2017 title in the 40th William Jones Cup, as a milestone tournament that will be remembered for years to come. The Tournament will commence and run though JULY 14-22.

In 2017, 3D Canada head-coach Kyle Julius executed brilliant basketball strategy for the 3D team to come-back, after being down 17 points versus Lithuania and ultimately win the 39th William Jones Cup tournament. In 2018, head-coach Chris Oliver (Windsor University) will take helm in leading the 3D Canada team on their quest for glory, as they attempt to win back-to-back championships at the William Jones cup.

The Quest For Red Glory

40th William Jones Cup Roster: Canada men's team – Boys in Red -

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The 40th William Jones Cup Schedule will soon be released. 3D Canada will play a total of nine games, all played at the Hsinchuang Gymnasium, New Taipei (7,500 capacity).

Below are the FIBA Senior Men's Federation teams competing in the 2018 Jones Cup:

  • Japan National Team
  • South Korea National Team
  • Iran National Team
  • Chinese Taipei National Team A
  • Chinese Taipei National Team B
  • Philippines National Team
  • Indonesia National Team
  • Lithuania All-Star Team
  • 3D Global Sports Canada Team
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3D Global Sports will be partnering with Volere media company to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary aimed at capturing the team experiences during their Quest for Red Glory, at the 40th Williams Jones Cup tournament. You can follow 3D Global Sports on all social media platforms to receive live highlights, updates, and more.

Training Camp, for the 3D team, will take place July 9-11 in Toronto, Ontario. For personnel or press inquiries regarding training camp, please contact

You can follow 3D Canada men's team, via social media below, in their Quest for Red Glory!

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Represent your country. Represent your flag and follow 3D in the Quest for Red Glory!

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