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Coaching the Toronto 3D Canada Team with Fatih Akser

-Footage by: Rodney Dwira – Video Edited by: Matt Hodgson

Much of the focus in sports is usually around the athletes as media showcases highlights and recaps the scores. We believe the coach is an essential piece of any winning team. During the summer of 2015, Toronto 3D had the great pleasure and challenge of representing Canada in a world invitational basketball tournament, against, teams from USA, Australia and China. 3D played every game and managed to come home with victories over China National B Team and Cairns Taipans of Australia. However, behind the buzzer-beaters, ankle breaking cross-overs and highlight dunks, 3D coach, Fatih Akser was a major component in successfully leading the 3D team and keeping everyone on the same page throughout the tournament.

As a registered FIBA Europe coach from Turkey, Fatih Akser holds a large resume with over 10 years of experience coaching Canadian teams with notable success. Currently, coach Akser serves as the head coach of the George Brown College women’s basketball team.

From Day 1 of the Toronto 3D training camp, Coach Akser instantly gained respect and full attention from the 3D players and program. In preparation of the tournament, Coach Akser developed team strategy and plays and inspired the group of men to perform at high levels of competition and professionalism.

There are many coaches but not many coaching opportunities. Coach Akser, with his knowledge and devotion of the game, and experience in coaching, instantly enhanced the 3D team’ level of preparation and competition. He motivated each player and pushed them to their full potential and shared invaluable insight from his seven-year playing experience at the professional level with Fenerbahce Ulker Basketball Club in Turkey, and other prolific teams in Cyprus and France.

Having a world class coach lead your team throughout an international tournament is a rare experience. The Toronto 3D program greatly appreciates and values coach Akser’s time and commitment to the team during the 2015 tournament in China. Canadian basketball legend and captain of the 3D team, during the tournament, Shane Nicely had this to say about his experience, playing for coach Akser:

“Fatih is highly credited coach who is passionate about basketball and favoured by athletes who play for him both past and present. I could go on about his accreditation in basketball but what has really made me appreciate him is Faith, the man. He is very kind and generous person who genuinely cares for people.”


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