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3D Canada Coach, Kyle Julius, signs in Asia

2017 has been an incredible year for coach, Kyle Julius. He won the National Basketball League of Canada Championship, with London Lightning, breaking league records. He won the 39th William Jones Cup Championship with 3D Canada, the first time a Canadian team has won this tournament, since 1996. To say that 2017 has been a successful year for coach Julius, would be an understatement.

Kyle has officially signed with the Saigon Heat, based in Ho Chi Minh City. The Heat are the only professional basketball team in Vietnam. They play in the ASEAN Basketball League, comprised of top teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.

" Having the opportunity to work for Teddy and the 3D Global sports this summer was an honor. The experience and opportunity 3D provided for me and may career was immeasurable. The international travel and play in the William Jones Cup afforded me exposure I would otherwise never had. It was a huge factor in the Saigon Heat evaluating me ad my potential". - Kyle Julius

Winning the 39th William Jones Cup with 3D Canada has created an opportunity for coach Julius to expand his basketball resume in Asia, more specifically, Vietnam. It wasn't hard to notice the coaching leadership that propelled 3D Canada to their dominant performance in the 39th William Jones Cup. Opposing teams, fans, and referees were all praising coach Julius' ability to lead 3D Canada to a championship.

President of 3D Canada Global Sports, Teddy Tochev and Head Coach Kyle Julius spent days reviewing and assembling the 3D Canada roster, which went onto and win the 39th William Jones Cup.

"We built a system, added the right people for that system and then went to work with enthusiasm and a fantastic team focus. We spent a significant amount of time building the right team with the right chemistry to compete at a high level in the prestigious William Jones Cup." - Kyle Julius

One of the most impressive moments of 3D Canada' performance, at the 39th William Jones Cup, was when coach Julius out-coached the Lithuanian team, comprised of players from their top leagues (LKL League, i.e. BC Vytautas), to overcome a 17 point deficit and win the game, 102-99,

"Winning the gold medal was an amazing moment in my basketball career and I don't think I could have done it with a better group." Kyle Julius

3D thanks coach Julius for his amazing work and dedication, and wishes him all the best with the Saigon Heat.

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More of Kyle Julius behind the scenes and in the huddle with 3D Canada at the William Jones Cup:

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