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Behind the Scenes with 3D

· Javon Masters,UNB Basketball,3D Global Sports

Javon Masters

Last, but not least, introducing your Canadian University (CIS) reigning 2015-16 leading scorer, Javon Masters of the University of New Brunswick (AUS). Not only was Javon ranked 1st in scoring, but managed to even finish at the number 1 spot in Free Throws as well. Javon was honoured with the most efficient player in on the Canadian star studded Toronto 3D Global Sports 2016 roster, which competed in China vs NBA D-League All-stars, Lithuania Professionals and the China National B Team.

Taking the time to ask the leading scorer to reflect on his experience with Toronto 3D Global Sports program this past summer:

The 3D global sports program provided an opportunity to travel to China and compete in the 2016 ATLAS International Basketball tournament. What were some of the takeaways, for you personally, from this experience?

“Just the whole atmosphere and the hospitality we were treated with in whatever city we were in during the 2 weeks were second to none. As well, the basketball was at a high level and it really tests your ability not just physically but mentally as well, adding in the travelling and not being from that country you really have to come together as a group in order to succeed.”

Did you find this travel and international level of competition to be beneficial to your journey and experience as a Canadian basketball athlete? Can you give some examples?

“ It did, i never really got to represent my country so being able to hear the national anthem prior to each game was an honor that i will never forget. As i stated earlier, the basketball and atmosphere was something i never really experienced before in regards to feeling like a celebrity and signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, its a cool unique experience.”

Do you think collaboration opportunities amongst the 3D basketball program and CIS are valuable to the basketball athletes? Please explain...

“ I think anytime you are given the option to represent your country, you seriously have to consider it whether your playing in the NCAA or CIS. It would be good for the development in the CIS, in regards to hopefully those guys wanting to play pro can they actually play at that level and hopefully use it as a measuring stick in regards to building on there strengthens and weaknesses in their game.”

Good Luck to Javon this season. Follow Masters and the UNB Varsity Reds:

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