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The Canadian Dream

Its Possible

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Determination. Dedication. Discipline.

3D: The fundamental principles surrounding our everyday lives that can lead to success. It only seemed like yesterday when Toronto 3D Global Sports was formed. A team, a dream and a vision. The initial purpose of the program was to fill that balance and void in life for post-graduate Canadian athletes who sacrificed most of their time striving to be the best. Unfortunately, age catches up with us all, but for 3D inspired players…it is and forever will just be, only a number.

After we finish our college and university careers, majority of athletes are either forced or steered towards a full-time working life. This video personally highlights our Canadian athlete’s perspective and thoughts on how the Toronto 3D program has impacted and helped shape their lives. The continuous evolution of the program has been taking tremendous steps. The program has garnered CIS (Now U-Sports) all-stars such Tut Ruach (York University), Greg Carter (Lakehead University), Greg Morrow (Western University) to Canada’s leading scorer Javon Masters (University of New Brunswick) and even Canada’s Rookie of the Year Isiah Osborne (Windsor University). From Canada to China, 3D has teamed up Canadian all-stars from generations and leagues apart, both past and present, NCAA, CIS, and professionals. For the past 4 years, the 3D team continues to be a place called home for ex athletes, pro athletes, and inspired athletes who want to take their game to the professional stages like Toronto’s very own Tramar Sutherland (Kitchener Waterloo Titans).

Basketball is a special tool that we use to strive and provide a unique plateau for our Canadian athletes to develop and reach their full potential. We only hope that our program can inspire further athletes, fans and individuals alike, to believe in themselves and use the impact of sport to make their dreams come true.

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