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~3D Global Sports Launches Women's Program~

3D Global Sports program is a prominent basketball organization based in Canada. Over the years, 3D has developed esteemed recognition due to the program's national integration of basketball events, global partnerships and success in forming championship caliber all-star basketball teams [x2 Champions of the William Jones Cup (2017, 2018)].

3D has accepted the formal invitation from Infront Asia Sports and Media (Official managing partner of the China National A Men's and Women's Team) to organize the 3D North American All-Star team for competition against National Women’s A Team of China, in exhibition games, to prepare for their FIBA 2019-20 Asia Games and Olympic Tokyo Games. This Annual Sino-International Women's Basketball Challenge, taking part May 28th to June 4th. The games will broadcasted and streamed throughout China, with three games played in three cities.


FRIDAY, MAY 31st: GAME 1 @ Nantong, Jiangsu province

SUNDAY, JUNE 2th: GAME 2 @ Qingdao, Shandong Province

TUESDAY, JUNE 4th: GAME 3 @ Changzhou, Jiangsu province

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The three tournament games will be televised on CCTV 5 – the official National Sports Channel (live or recorded), and also live-streamed through 11 internet platforms. The tournament is hosted by the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) and Infront Sports and Media (Official Partner of the China Men's and Women's National A Teams).


Established in 1974, Chinese National Women's Basketball Team Senior (TCBW); which is ranked 10th in the world and 1st in Asia, represents the highest level of women’s basketball in China and Asia. Leading the Nation and Women’s team of China is Head Coach Mr. Xu Li Min. Xu has coached professional basketball for over 20 years. He had led the Beijing Club Team to win the WCBA Championship three times, in six years.

In previous years, during this event, WCBA has competed against the National Women’s A Teams of: Canada, Serbia, Lithuania, Argentina, Senegal, Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and most recently in 2018: Belgium.

Stay tuned for the Announcement of the 3D Head Coach, staff, and players.

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