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A Canadian Dream

From Streetball to the Haywood

Joey Haywood (Vancouver, BC) aka "King Handles": A devoted baller, hustler, father, world-touring streetball star, youtube sensation, professional basketball player and most recently, an international champion.

Joey Haywood helped lead 3D Global Sports Canada to the 39th William Jones Cup championship, which Canada has only won once before back in 1996 with the National Team. What many people may not know, is that Joey just finished one of his notorious "King Handles" tours in Japan before joining 3D to represent Canada for the William Jones tournament held annually in Taipei, Taiwan. Transitioning from the street-ball game to high level organized basketball is not an easy journey. Joey "King Handles" Haywood was thrown in the fire to run point guard and represent the nation of Canada against National players from countries of Iran, South Korea, India, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Lithuania, and Iraq. He not only exceeded expectations but also managed to put on quite the show while averaging 8.2 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.3 steals per game.

3D Canada William Jones Cup Head Coach Kyle Julius (2017 NBL-Canada Coach of the Year and Champion) had this to say about Joey's performance:

"Joey Haywood is a special person and a very talented basketball player who is capable of putting a team on his back and carrying them offensively for periods of time. His infectious personality and amazing smile brings life to the team. Joey can score the ball and run sets. He allowed us to execute at a high level and gave us a scoring weapon other teams could not contain."

Before embarking on the journey with 3D Global Sports Canada and winning the WJC Championship, Joey Haywood played in the National Basketball League of Canada with the Halifax Hurricanes. He graduated from Saint Mary's University (U-Sports) where he was scouted early by the owner of the Halifax Hurricanes Mike O'Brien.

Mr. O'Brien talks about his experience as an owner of a professional basketball club and having a player like Joey Haywood:

"He is a professional and brings maturity and leadership to our team which is needed on and off the court. Joey is a fan favourite in Halifax as he played his University ball here. He accepted his role on the Hurricane's this year, helped the younger players develop and was a big part of our success."

The 3D Global Sports Canada would like to thank Joey Haywood for his hard work, professionalism, performance and entertainment. Joey is by far one of the most honorable basketball players rising from the 3D program and his experience will forever be commendable:

"Representing my country in the William Jones Cup was an honour. We went with only 4 days to prepare for the tournament and won gold. A lot of the teams we played against have been playing and practicing with each other for months. We were a special group and I want to thank 3D Canada and Kyle Julius for selecting me to be apart of history."

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