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Official Launch of New Agency:

"3D Global Sports"

3D Launches Basketball Agency.

3D Global Sports is a Canadian organization created to help basketball athletes develop and realize their potential at the highest levels.

With over three years of experience within international competition, professional tournaments and basketball athlete development, the 3D program has built reliable and intimate relationships with basketball players, coaches, teams, and organizations, within local and global markets. In 2016, the 3D global team travelled to China, for the second consecutive year, to compete against China National B team, NBA D-League All-stars, and Lithuania first-league team. For general information on 3D Global sports, visit:

3D is officially launching their 3D Basketball Agency.

The 3D agency is a platform that develops and manages key relationships amongst basketball parties, promotes players they represent, creates and negotiates contracts. The agency provides a reliable transition for it's athletes to be represented and promoted amongst professional organizations while competing in local and international tournaments. 3D now provides full representation for Canadian CIS/NCAA players that are looking to transition their careers from college to the professional level.

Visit the 3D agency website to see recent 3D signings, including breaking news and players they represent. 3D takes pride in their player and organization relationships.

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