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3D China 2016 Recap

Most Valuable, Efficient and Honorable.

2016 ATLAS Basketball Tournament in China

Below is a summary of the 2016 ATLAS International Basketball tournament, in where 3D, represented Canada against Lithuania, USA, and China. We also introduce three awards to players that exceeded expectations and performed commendably.

The 2016 3D Global Sports team trip to China, to represent Canada in the ATLAS Basketball Tournament, was an incredible experience for our Canadian CIS athletes. The athletes, personally scouted and recruited to the team by 3D GM Teddy Tochev, traveled to China to compete against teams from Lithuania first-league, USA NBA D-League stars, and China National B Team. The games took place across three cities in China: Yunyang, Dazu, and Shehnzen and were played in stadiums with crowds of 4000+ fans. The opportunity to travel and compete internationally is a dream for many basketball players. The 3D team finished with a 2-7 record with wins over the powerhouse Lithuanian first-league, a team that beat USA 3 times in the tournament, and the China National B team, a game that was aired on television.

Toronto 3D Global Sports China Tour 2016
Most Valuable Player: Alex Campbell

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The three D's in 3D stand for Determination, Discipline, and Dedication. We believe these are important qualities a player must have to achieve success in their career. Alex Campbell depicted these qualities throughout the whole tournament. For the first three games, Alex was coming off the bench and finding his groove against seasoned international players. Within a few games, it was inevitable that Alex would soon start and be the type of player that needed to be on the court as much as possible.

Alex had a breakout game scoring 26 points and another game with 20 points against the talented USA team, which consisted of 3 NBA D-League players and professional players from respective first division leagues. Alex' consistency, defensive tenacity and the ability to score from both the outside and inside, earned him the 3D MVP of the tournament.

We asked Alex to give us a quick thought on his experience with the Toronto 3D Global Sports team, travelling and competing internationally.

Alex Campbell: Going to China, I was closed-minded as to what to expect from the experience, but after coming back it has changed my perspective on many aspects of life. I was satisfied to learn that the opportunity presented itself to me and I was able to compete at a level that I have not before. This is an example of the trip being beneficiary for any basketball resume.

Toronto 3D Global Sports China Tour 2016
Most Efficient Player: Javon Masters

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Javon Masters emerged was the CIS leading scorer, averaging over 28 points per game during the 2015-16 CIS season. Javon's skill was clearly on display by making an impact, every minute that he was on the floor. His seemingly effortless ability to get to the rim and finish with contact is remarkable. Javon was one of the most poised players throughout the tournament. He earned the 3D Most Efficient Award due to his per minute effectiveness and contribution on the court. Javon attracting the most fouls, stopping the game, and getting to the free-throw line more than any other 3D player in this tournament. Javon's skill to attack the rim and score at will is something special.

We asked Javon if he thought collaboration opportunities amongst the 3D basketball program and CIS are valuable to the basketball athletes?

Javon Masters: I think anytime you are given the option to represent your country, you seriously have to consider it whether you're playing in the NCAA or CIS. It would be good for the development in the CIS, in regards to hopefully those guys wanting to play pro can they actually play at that level and hopefully use it as a measuring stick in regards to building on the strengthens and weaknesses of their game.

Toronto 3D Global Sports China Tour 2016
Honourable Mention: Tramique Sutherland

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Simply put, Tramique was the pit-bull of the 3D team. Tramique was the only player to start all nine games, for 3D, in the 2016 ATLAS tournament in China. Tramique controlled the tempo of the game and the quick explosive nature to his game allowed him to get to the rim, pretty much, anytime he wanted. Tramique provided big plays in fourth-quarters which helped keep 3D competitive at the end of games. Tramique's consistent efforts on defense and overall impact garner him honourable mention for 3D most valuable player.

Results (Highlights and Boxscores)

Yunyang, Chongqing
Week 1:
Game 1: China 93 Canada 76 (Boxscore)
Game 2: Canada 71 USA 86 (Boxscore)
Game 3: Lithuania 85 Canada 77 (Boxscore)

Dazu, Chongqing
Week 2:
Game 4: China 80 Canada 67 (Boxscore)
Game 5: USA 91 Canada 76 (Boxscore)
Game 6: Canada 74 Lithuania 63 (Boxscore)

Shenzhen, Guangdong
Week 3:
Game 7: Canada 90 China 75 (Boxscore)
Game 8: USA 95 Canada 89 (Boxscore)
Game 9: Lithuania 108 Canada 92 (Boxscore)

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