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Toronto 3D in China: Week 2

vs CHINA, USA, Lithuania.

WEEK 2: Toronto 3D Global Sports in China
May 9-11:Toronto 3D in China for the ATLAS International.
City: Dazu, Chongqing, China

Toronto 3D Highlights vs. China, USA, and Lithuania on May 9-11, 2016

The Toronto 3D Global Sports team arrived in their second city, Dazu, Chongqing for Game’s 4-6 of the Atlas International Basketball Tournament. Dazu is a district of China known for the famous and historical Dazu Rock Carvings. The 3D team got off to a rocky start losing to China National B Team and USA NBA D-League All-Stars before gaining their first dominating win over Lithuania, a team that beat USA NBA D-League All-Stars, twice this tournament.

Game 4: CHINA 80 vs CANADA 67 (Box score)
The game got off to a slow offensive start due to the intense defense displayed by both teams, completing the first half with China leading 39-27. All 3D players saw court action, but it was Alex Campbell who managed to get into offensive rhythm and keep the 3D team in the game. The China National B team has been practising for months and their game play and team chemistry proved to be efficient enough for the victory. Don't worry, 3D gets revenge against China National B team with a victory during game 7 of the tournament; more on this in the next update.
Top Performer: Alex Campbell -- 15 points, with 3 three-pointers

Game 5: USA 91 vs CANADA 76 (Box score)

3D continued to start games with intense full court pressure on the defensive-end. They only allowed 35 points going into the half, but couldn’t get into an offensive rhythm. Greg Morrow ignited the bench with two spectacular steals followed with slam-dunks which got the 3D team and stadium fired up. 3D scored 29 points to USA’s 15 in the third quarter and cut the lead to an 8 point deficit going into the fourth quarter. Back-court duo Tramique Sutherland and Alex Campbell were getting anything they wanted with the USA players while also playing full court defense majority of the possessions. The fourth quarter became an offensive display as 3D scored 33 points, but it wasn’t enough to close out the game vs USA D-League All Stars.
Top Performers: Alex Campbell -- 26 points, 7 rebounds | Greg Morrow -- 13 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals

Game 5: CANADA 74 vs LITHUANIA 63 (Box score)
3D finally got their grove and achieved their first victory of the tournament. 3D put on a dominating performance, from start to finish, as they came out blazing. Head coach, Fatih Akser inserted a 2-2-1 full court defensive press, which demonstrated to be effective by tiring out and suffocated the Lithuanian guards. 3D was up by 22 points after the third quarter. At this point, a stadium fuse blew and the arena lights went out. This created one of the most fascinating spectacles we had seen in in a basketball game, as every fan turned on their cellphone screen lights to help light up the court.
Top Performers: Jahmal Mcqueen -- 18 points, 8 rebounds | Alex Campbell -- 18 points, 5 rebounds | Javon Masters -- 13 Points (7-11 free throws)

3D finishes the second leg of the 2016 ATLAS tournament in China with a 1-2 record. Next: they head into the final leg of the tournament to play three more games in the big city of Shenzhen.Video highlights and game recaps from the final three game to follow.

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