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3D in China Week 3: Shenzhen

vs China, USA, Lithuania

Title: 3D Highlights vs. China, USA, and Lithuania from May 9-11, 2016

May 12-15: 3D Highlights vs. China, USA, and Lithuania
City: Shenzhen, China​
Video by Zak Scholtz​


The last leg of the 2016 ATLAS Four Nations Basketball tournament took place in China, May 13-15. The stage was set in the city of #Shenzhen for the final showdown as the Toronto 3D Basketball​ team, representing Canada, set to battle the USA D-League stars, China National B team, and Lithuania first-league team for the final time. These final games in front of crowds of 5000+ in attendance to determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

GAME 7: CANADA 90 vs CHINA 75 (Boxscore)

Revenge was on the mind for the 3D team as they came into game 1 against China National B team. The game took place in Shenzhen in front of a crowd of 5000+ local fans. From start to finish the 3D team hustled and dominated China’s guards with full court pressure and aggressive play. Some of the key 3D players in this game were Evan Matthews and CIS rookie of the year, Isiah Osbourne. 3D avenged their previous loss against China National B team and was now in contention to compete for the Gold Medal.

Top Performers:
Javon Masters -- 18 pts, 4 reb, 6-6 FTM | Kadeem Green -- 17 pts, 10 reb, 4 blks

GAME 8: USA 95 vs Canada 89 (Boxscore)

3D team faced the USA D-League stars three times during the tournament and could not come up with the answer to gain the victory. The game was close and the 3D team knew they could compete against USA - a team consisting of NCAA I veterans, NBA D-League starters, and European professional basketball players. Unfortunately, USA had too many weapons and experienced guard play consisting of the NBA D-League Texas Legends’ Thomas Bropleh and PG Diante Watkins of SC Wrist Wedel (Germany Pro B). 3D fought hard, however, came 7 points short shy of the win.

Top Performers:
Alex Campbell -- 20 pts, 4 reb | Kadeem Green -- 11 pts, 10 reb | Isiah Osbourne -- 13 pts

~Championship Game~
Here's the scenario heading into final game against Lithuania. If 3D beats Lithuania, they'd finish 1st (2-1) in Shenzhen and win the Gold Medal Cup. If Lithuania beats 3D would finish in 3rd place and win the Bronze Medal Cup.

GAME 9: Lithuania 108 vs Canada 92 (Boxscore)

With an unbelievable turn of events, 3D was playing for the Gold Medal Cup in the 2016 ATLAS Four Nations tournament. The game against Lithuania started with great intensity from both teams as fouls were called and emotions were getting the best of all players. It was a tense and heavily contested game. Both teams received technical fouls for aggressive play and the Lithuanian head coach was tossed out of the game. The momentum carried the 3D Canada team into half leading Lithuania,  52-43. The assistant coach of the Lithuanian team took charge and brought his team back to a one possession game, 72-70, heading into the fourth quarter. There was a lot of chirping and trash-talking amongst both teams. Both teams wanted it bad. The Lithuanian team wanted revenge after suffering a dominating loss to Canada in in their last game. Their shooting guard, Tadas Rinkunas had a career performance draining 6 threes’ in a row, in the fourth quarter! This gave Lithuania a double digit lead. However, the real highlight that astonished players and put fans on their feet, was the play of CIS Rookie of the Year, Isiah Osbourne. It was an incredible play as Isiah beat his man to the middle, took off of two-feet, and completely posterized two Lithuanian players with the and-one foul call. Everyone was in uproar over the highlight play. In the end the 3D team was unable to hold onto their first half lead and Lithuania’s experience and tenacity proved to be the ultimate factor to win them the game. The loss was devastating but also a great learning experience for the 3D team. The fierce competition in this game and highlights will be remembered for a long time!

Top Performers:
Isiah Osbourne -- 18 pts, 5 reb, 8-9 FTM | Tramique Sutherland -- 17 pts

3D finished the final leg of the 2016 ATLAS Four Nations tournament in China with a 1-2 record. Here are the video highlights from May 12-15.


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