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E3: Chinese Taipei National Team

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Chinese Taipei A National Team

Episode 3: William Jones Cup

3D Global Sports Canada were recently crowned CHAMPIONS! of the 39th William Jones Cup, which was held in Taipei, Taiwan. The last time a Canada team won this tournament and title was by the Canada National Team back in 1981.

3D represented Canada to the fullest and won the historical William Jones Cup. However, with every journey comes setbacks obstacles. Lead by Head Coach Kyle Julius, 3D Canada takes on the home town and crowd favourite, Chinese Taipei A National Team. With 9 games in 10 days, one can only imagine the level of endurance needed for the ultimate mission of winning the tournament and being gold medalists. The The Chinese Taipei A National team provided the only loss to the 3D Canada program, which will go down as one of the most historical games ever to take place in Taipei, Taiwan at the William Jones Cup.

Episode 3: Chinese Taipei A National Team

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